Looking for a secure way to get paid?

Looking for a secure way to get paid?

If you’ve been living in sunny South Africa and are still struggling to find an account to get paid and manage your money, then this is the solution for you. Opening a traditional bank account can be a long process filled with paperwork, and in many cases paperwork, you might not have.

With SOLmate all you need is a valid foreign passport or a South African ID; it is that simple. We have made it really easy with our free digital wallet and affordable debit and virtual card options. Download the SOLmate app from the app store, choose your card — the one that works best for you and pay the activation fee, you can choose between;

1. A SOLmate debit card, is a physical debit card that works very similar to a traditional bank card but remember — we’re a digital money app with card options

2. A SOLmate virtual card, is a card that will appear on the app only, you will not receive a debit card but with your virtual card you can do ALMOST anything — it is a great affordable way to manage your money

Here’s what makes SOLmate so secure and trustworthy;

· You will have your own secret pin

· If you lose your device no one will have access to your money

· Your money is kept in a safe account

What are you waiting for? Get your SOLmate card today.